Megformeg App Store Optimization Why you should consider partnering with influencers for advertising your app!

Why you should consider partnering with influencers for advertising your app!

When it comes to boosting the organic downloads and increasing conversion rates, paid UA campaigns are absolutely the best aso services. Paid UA campaigns mainly focus on marketing the app using ad campaigns in social media platforms and search engine page results. They do the work with money. With more money and creative ads, you can give, you really can give life to a dying app.

In the context of paid advertising, influencer marketing is the best app store optimization services. Influencer marketing is leveraging your app’s popularity and reach through an influencer who has good connections to people.

It’s like advertising our app through a person who already has the ears of the users.

When properly implemented, influencer marketing is the best way to gain customers.

According to the statistics, it is said only 1% of customers believe and buy products after looking at the advertisements. More than 40% of teenagers tend to get a positive feeling and are interested in purchasing a product when reviewed by an influencer. And almost 70% of influencers say that good and honest review is what makes their word valuable when reviewing a product.

So, we can understand influencer marketing is not a bad idea if implemented strategically.

In this article, we want to give you a brief overview of different types of influencer marketing:

Giveaway campaigns:

Giveaway campaigns are the most popular influencer marketing campaigns. This marketing strategy includes making the users fill out forms or signing up with emails, using hashtags, tagging their friends, etc.

This method mainly increases brand awareness and popularity. Once the post reaches a fair amount of followers, a winner is selected and given a special gift.

Social media takeover campaigns:

Social media takeover campaigns are a different type in which the product owner partners with the social media influencers whose page content aligns with your brand. They make an agreement with the influencer for a few months to post pictures that are aesthetically pleasing and promote their brand name within the post.

They engage the followers with interactive sessions, question and answer tags, posting selfie contests, etc. This eventually increases brand awareness and popularity among people.

Affiliated marketing:

This is an excellent method for promoting the product when any special announcements or sales are happening. This benefits both the parties, giving the influencers benefits to encourage and redirect the followers to their app page for downloading it. 

This may also include promoting the products through special coupons and discounts if they click the link description.

Sponsored marketing:

It involves promoting your brand with high-quality influencers sponsoring them to promote their products in their posts, or sending products to them to review it. The product is reviewed and rated according to their guidelines.


Influencer marketing can be a little harsh on budget, but it can really change your business’s face by increasing brand awareness and popularity from the user base. With more creative methods, you can improve your install rates and revenue.


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