Megformeg App Store Optimization App Store Optimization to Boost Your Mobile App Downloads

App Store Optimization to Boost Your Mobile App Downloads

Smartphones are known for making our lives easier. The mobile market has been growing rapidly and so is the app market. Because a smartphone is nothing but a telephone without the apps. With the increase of usage of smartphones, we have more than a million apps in the market today. Getting a new app into the market is very challenging and most people put their budget into grand marketing and promotion where only a few of them taste success. What if I tell you that there is a simple and cost-effective marketing strategy to help your app gain huge success?

App Store Optimization is the best app marketing strategy which is cost-effective and the most efficient way to market your app.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is similar to SEO, where SEO is done for websites and ASO for apps. This process is done to increase the discoverability of the apps in the app store by optimizing the keywords and other factors in the app store listing. The more visibility your app gains, the more downloads it gets and app store optimization company in india .

The main objective of ASO is not just to increase the download rate but there are also few supplemental goals:

  1. To Improve brand exposure
  2. Positive app Reviews and Ratings
  3. Audience engagement and Retention
  4. Organic Optimization
  5. Conversion Rate

#1 Improve Brand Exposure

The key is to make your application relevant and valuable. Brands that make sense of how to make such encounters are bound to win the popularity race. App store optimization helps to increase brand awareness which creates awareness on how natural your target group is with your app and how well they remember it. Brands with high brand mindfulness are for the most part alluded to as “trending,” “buzzworthy, or simply “famous.” Establishing brand awareness is profitable when marketing and promoting your organization and products, particularly in the beginning periods of business.

#2 Positive Reviews and Ratings

App store optimization helps in gaining a good set of reviews that help your app to have that competitive edge among all the other competitors. Reviews and ratings are like social proof for new visitors which will help them to see what other users think about your app and well your app is performing. Until your app collects enough popularity and reviews for a high ranking. It will generally have low visibility. As your app rank make progress, you can begin seeing your app improve and anticipate your performance and downloads to increase. You need a high volume of positive reviews to pick up the exposure and drive downloads.

#3 Audience engagement and Retention

User engagement refers to how active users are on your app and how often they use your app. Retention is the percentage of app’s users who come back to the app within a specified period of time of their first session. Keep a very close relationship with users by responding to their issues and by providing the required solutions. To improve the engagement and retention you need to start incentivizing the users to use your app more. Mobile-specific rewards, coupons, and other offers will do.

#4 Organic Optimization

Once your app gains a certain level of popularity with the help of ASO, it starts to run on its own. Users will know how well your app is performing and will share it with their friends and family and this helps to improve the organic growth of your app. When you’ve optimized, your app will begin ranking higher for various search results, enhancing your visibility and expanding your natural downloads, all while keeping your acquisition costs down.

#5 Conversion Rate

App store optimization is a well-known marketing strategy used by many app developers to influence users to download their app. ASO has two major levels- keyword optimization and conversion rate optimization. Keyword optimization which mostly impacts your app’s visibility and impressions and conversion rate optimization has a direct impact on your installs. There are some factors that influence the conversion rate like your app reviews and ratings, category ranking and most importantly your app’s metadata.

There are many tools available online to have the best app store optimization services for your app. You can compare your app’s performance with apps from the same category to have an idea if your app is over-or-under performing.

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