Megformeg App Store Optimization Why are app reviews so important for the online applications?

Why are app reviews so important for the online applications?

 The 2000 and the years succeeding it saw a rise in the technology and information age followed by the massive growth of technology based start-ups depending mainly on the online applications and websites that helped to reach the users much easier than before. The applications are basically software that help us do all our daily thighs in life at the clock of a button or to put simply much  easier than how we used to do it before. This has made life a lot earlier for us.

However, how do we know which application will be the best for us to use? This is where the app reviews come to the scene. Nowadays all the users read the app reviews before downloading a certain app. Hey, even you do it too I guess. I do it every time I download something, even games. This has made the app reviews one of the most important and indispensable parts for the users as well as the developers of the app. The app reviews if optimized properly can give striking results with respect to the generated traffic or the number of users using and downloading the app.

 Why is it so important?

 Well just as you check the catalogue or the brochure of something when you go to buy it in the showroom the same works for application usage as well. The app reviews are tact as the live brochures here apart from the screen shots and other details provided by the developers. The app reviews are real time persons telling new users and the developer his or her experience with the app. This is one of the striking feedback systems that let all the downloaders and the users rate the app and give a review. This is why buy ios reviews are so important.

Because till now people trust more on the mouth publicity before buying or using something. In this case, apart from mouth publicity the app reviews serve as the potential insight for a new user to the app inside and the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with it. This makes the user believe the words that are written in a review.

 This is the reason why apps with lower ratings and reviews that are more negative are downloaded in much lesser numbers than those having good reviews. This is the reason why companies nowadays are opting for various kinds of optimizations of which review optimizations are also a thing. Several websites all over the internet provide app reviews to the developers for money. You can buy app reviews from websites and help your app get a higher ranking in the app store. This rank is the reason, which helps apps to be accessed easily by the users.


 In conclusion, if you an app developer or even thinking of starting a new start up then app reviews are one of the main things that you should be worried about apart from building a good interface for the app because a surge of bad app reviews can result in the decrease of your app’s rank and ultimately lead to its downfall. Optimization may be one of the methods you can opt for. so, have you thought about it yet?

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