Megformeg App Store Optimization 15-sec hack – The Visual art of app optimization services

15-sec hack – The Visual art of app optimization services

Optimizing visual aspects on the app page on the app store is the most important thing in app store optimization services because this grabs the attention of the users at first place and gives them the app experience without downloading it.

keywords, App title, descriptions all play crucial roles for app Store algorithms, and ranking. But the visual aspect is that which triggers interest in users to download the app.

When we think of Facebook and Instagram the first thing that comes to our mind is the app icon and that’s the importance of an app icon.

Screenshots and video previews give the app experience without being downloaded, so make sure to put on some of the best and unique aspects about the app.

In app optimization services, A/B testing for app icons is the best tool to find out which variable of the icon grabs the best attention.

How do we apply A/B testing for visual aspects?

Here, let’s consider two scenarios app page A and app page B

You have selected two different variations of the same variable (all on-metadata factors)

App page A and B have two different variations of the same variable of the app such as keywords, app-title, app-icon, description, screenshots, and video preview.

During the A/B testing period, whichever app page (A or B) ranks higher in the search result, grabs more user attention and has maximum conversion is what we opt for.

Keywords, screenshots, and video preview testing does not end at its first attempt, it needs to be continuously tested and optimised for better ranking and conversion.

Why continuous testing and optimising?

Because we need to focus on high search volume and low competitive keywords (to never be stuck at a single place) and in the screenshot and video preview every time you update the app, add that feature in this section.

The other two things which act as deciding factor to download the app is ratings and reviews

In the search result, the user can see the ratings and on the app page, the user can read all the reviews.

How does it act as a deciding factor? 

Let’s understand this using different scenarios,

Imagine there are top 2 search results X and Y for a keyword search.

The First app X has a 4.7 rating and the second app Y has 4.5 ratings. 

The user first will click through the app X with a 4.7 rating and then go through the reviews. If it conveys positive and constructive feedback, the user downloads it.

Let’s dive into the second Scenario, 

The app X which had a 4.7 rating has received more negative feedback recently and there was no reply from the app developer too. Now the user checks the second result, the app Y with 4.5 ratings.

If app Y has grabbed more positive feedback in recent days, in the comparison between both the apps x and Y, there’s a high possibility that the user will opt for the second app Y, because there is much social proof supporting his decision.

That’s the importance of buy app ratings and reviews for every app in all the categories across different app store platforms.


Whenever the user is downloading an app if you give them enough reasons to download it, you get the conversion and the best way to give them enough reasons is through optimizing visual aspects through app optimization services.

Think of giving the best app experience without being downloaded, connect with us to know more about best visual optimisation strategies for app stores.


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