Megformeg App reviews Want your app to have the best rank in the app store? buy google ratings and rise to the top

Want your app to have the best rank in the app store? buy google ratings and rise to the top

Since the late 2000s, the internet industry has been blooming and people are more and more interested in getting services based on the applications on their device. This is due to the huge rise of apps in various fields of our daily life ranging from ordering food to medicine and the precision with which they have made our life a lot easier.  This is why more and  more app developers are diving in the industry after the surge in the ue of these apps.

MARKETING :  Now , one of the most important things that the  app development industry is based on is the marketing. Marketing is not only an important aspect for the app development industry but also important for any product that needs to be targeted to the audience for any specific purpose.

For the apps and the other devices nowadays the most important thing is the digital marketing techniques that have emerged on the internet and have been one of the most important pillars of marketing after its inception.

There are several techniques for marketing your app of which the most important is ASO or app search optimization that includes optimizing the rank of the app to reach the top of the app store. This helps the user to find the app quickly and also improves the availability of the app to the users. Apart from that reviews and ratings are also optimized by the various ASO companies on behalf of the developers.

Besides this, many companies are now opting to buy google ratings that are provided by various ASO companies all over India. 

Why are companies opting to buy google ratings?

Ratings can be best defined as the closest substitute to what we call mouth publicity. This is the most effective kind of marketing as humans tend to trust the word of other humans more based on facts and statistics. Thus, The decision to buy google ratings  isn’t that bad at all. The ratings are the pillars based on which the users trust a certain app. It is this trust that makes them download the app even if it is faulty inside.

A few negative reviews or ratings can hamper your apps image as also positive reviews can make your app look great in front of others. These positive reviews are the ons that let users decide whether to download your app or not?

This is the reason why companies tend to buy app ratings as the android apps that are registered on the google app store  will have the positive ratings in their profile and make the user trust the app and thus they will download it no matter what. 

If you think this is something unethical then I am here to tell you no, this is completely legal. The companies who deliver the positive reviews for money to the app conduct surveys on the users and  get the original feedback for the app. This helps the app to recognize its fault if any and post the positive reviews and ratings on the apps profile in the play store. This helps the app to gain significant advantage over others.


 It is needless to say that ratings are one of the most important things that is needed for an app to improve its ranking on the internet. Thus companies who tend to buy ios ratings in an enormous number stay ahead of the other competitors in the market. Are you a developer? If yes then, start marketing your app if it is already developed and make a plan to buy google ratings so that your app reaches the top of the tier in the market. What are you waiting for then? Get going.

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