Megformeg Android Why upvotes are important on Quora?

Why upvotes are important on Quora?

Quora is highly important in the digital world of intellectuals. This simple question and answer platform turned into a savior for web users in no time. Every day, millions of users flock to Quora to clear their queries. 

Any user can upload a question on Quora and other users can answer. An average question on Quora receives answers in double digits, some questions receive hundreds, even thousands of answers. It gets very difficult to filter through the flood of answers to find the one which resonates with you. This is where upvotes come in. Upvotes are Quora’s way of filtering the best answers for you, answers which are chosen by users. When you like an answer on Quora, you can upvote it. Answers with high Quora upvotes get to star at the top of the thread, that way, a user will only see the answers with high Quora upvotes at the top of the thread. This makes other answers get buried down deep in the thread and most of them never see the light of day.



The surest way of getting high Quora upvotes is to make sure that your content is worth people to stop scrolling and read what you’ve written. Good answers get a few upvotes, great answers sometimes get hundreds, even thousands of upvotes. Any Quora enthusiast can tell you the importance of getting a decent amount of upvotes. What made Quora unique was not being a simple question and answer platform, but it was the variety of questions that did it. They range anywhere from grade three science projects to the major components in the making of a rocket to be launched in space. 

If you wish to use your Quora space as a ground for marketing your products or simply to get more views on your website, you must know your audience. You should research well about what gets the best reactions out of readers and know your base. Great content leads to great results but most of the time, it does not hold true as competition is very high due to the overwhelming amount of user traffic on such social media platforms. This is one of the reasons why many users opt to buy Quora upvotes from supportive sites that offer great packages and a safe delivery. These upvotes do not hinder Quora’s algorithm, are considered safe, and give out the best results. Sometimes, all readers need is a nudge. Even one single upvote helps in getting the attention of enough users. A single upvote means that the user who gave the answer an upvote thought the answer to either be true or crafted well enough for that user. One upvote can take an answer place on Quora. High upvotes not only guarantee a good following but they also tell others that your content is to be shared far and wide. You can take the help of outside sources or wait patiently to watch it grow, but upvotes are what matters to make an answer shine.

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