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Benefits of Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are similar to cell phones in the way that they function. However, whereas cell phone used towers that are based on land to relay conversations, satellite phones utilize satellites to relay conversations. There are various advantages to satellite phones over some other types of phones.


There are some remote areas where there is no cell phone coverage because there aren’t any cell phone towers in those areas. However, because mobile satellite phones rely off of satellites that are in orbit, they can provide more network coverage than cell phones can. Therefore, satellite phones can be ideal for professions where people might need emergency service, such as sailors, travellers and emergency workers.

Immune to Natural Disasters

Satellite phones are unaffected by natural disasters since they rely upon satellite signals rather than land technology. Whereas tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other types of natural disasters can knock down land-lines and cell phone towers needed for those types of phone communication that concern doesn’t exist with satellite phones. Rescue workers and other types of emergency workers, therefore, usually carry satellite phones so that they can call for backup assistance if they need it.

Single Phone Number

People who travel all over the world oftentimes run into the issue of having to provide their friends and family members with different numbers to reach them on or problems with sat phone plans. Remote regions that have little infrastructure might require travelers to obtain new numbers to receive network coverage. However, satellite phones eliminate that need and make it so that travelers can always keep the same number.

Satellite phones can prove advantageous to a wide variety of people. They eliminate the need for some traditional types of phone connections.

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