The Best Geophysical Imaging Systems

Geophysical and IP Imaging Case Histories

Using geophysical resistivity equipment and IP imaging systems for many projects around the world has led to discoveries of ancient artifacts to groundwater necessary for survival. Using this equipment has helped researchers and scientists learn more about history and identify the makeup of an area below the surface as well.

Finding Buried Indian Remains

Using the Sting/Swift, archeologists in Mitchell Springs, located in Southwestern Colorado, performed surveys in an area where they suspected remains of dwellings and kivas existed. Known as pueblos and kivas, the structures were built by the Anasazi People between 800-1200 A.D. Pueblos are normally found underground at a meter or more, while kivas are often deeper. Walls of the structures were made of sandstone, while the interiors were filled with soil, wood, ash and artifacts. The equipment identified areas where structure walls existed, and one anomaly on the graphs showed where a large pit with buried debris existed. In addition, human remains were found in the area as well.

Deep Groundwater Survey

In 2006, using the SuperSting R8/IP, the Engineering Battalion in Thika, Kenya, conducted a deep groundwater survey as part of a training program. The engineers combined three electrode arrays in one survey, which allowed high resolution and deep penetration. In fact, the deep penetration reached 375 meters. Using the AGI Earthlmager 2D inversion software, the electrode arrays were able to be inverted together.

Induced Polarization

In October 1999, in order to investigate a karstic limestone area using resistivity and induced polarization in Austin, Texas, scientists used the Sting/Swift with 28 stainless electrodes at one meter spacing. The project demonstrated how the AGI Sting R1 IP system images not only standard resistivity, but also mapping induced polarization.

Cave and Void Detection

In 1998, researchers needed to locate an underground tunnel in Mery Sur Oise, France, which had been used as a production site for V1 rockets during World War II. The researchers used the Sting/Swift with 28 electrodes at eight meter spacing, and processed with inversion using the Res2Dinv software to pinpoint the location of the tunnel.

These resistivity projects demonstrate the accuracy and precision necessary in geophysical resistivity equipment and IP imaging systems. Throughout the world, researchers and scientists depend on this type of equipment to conduct complicated measurements and surveys in order to achieve specific goals. You can learn more at AGIUSA.com.…

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Find Satellite Phone

Benefits of Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are similar to cell phones in the way that they function. However, whereas cell phone used towers that are based on land to relay conversations, satellite phones utilize satellites to relay conversations. There are various advantages to satellite phones over some other types of phones.


There are some remote areas where there is no cell phone coverage because there aren’t any cell phone towers in those areas. However, because mobile satellite phones rely off of satellites that are in orbit, they can provide more network coverage than cell phones can. Therefore, satellite phones can be ideal for professions where people might need emergency service, such as sailors, travellers and emergency workers.

Immune to Natural Disasters

Satellite phones are unaffected by natural disasters since they rely upon satellite signals rather than land technology. Whereas tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and other types of natural disasters can knock down land-lines and cell phone towers needed for those types of phone communication that concern doesn’t exist with satellite phones. Rescue workers and other types of emergency workers, therefore, usually carry satellite phones so that they can call for backup assistance if they need it.

Single Phone Number

People who travel all over the world oftentimes run into the issue of having to provide their friends and family members with different numbers to reach them on or problems with sat phone plans. Remote regions that have little infrastructure might require travelers to obtain new numbers to receive network coverage. However, satellite phones eliminate that need and make it so that travelers can always keep the same number.

Satellite phones can prove advantageous to a wide variety of people. They eliminate the need for some traditional types of phone connections.…

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Protect Your Mobile Device: Leather Cases

Today’s mobile phones, like iphone 5 have gotten more high-tech than ever before. Although these advanced smart phones are incredible pieces of technology, they are very susceptible to becoming damaged without the proper protection. Leather cases are great for keeping a mobile device in pristine condition. Here are some of the benefits of using a leather iphone 5 case montreal or samsung galaxy case in montreal

Great heat dissipation
Like most electronic devices, cell phones can generate quite a substantial amount of heat. If the heat is not allowed to escape from the device, the longevity and performance of the cell phone is compromised. Leather phone cases have nature pores, so the heat can easily dissipate through the breathable material.

The durability of leather is one of its best attributes. This means that the cell phone will remain protected in all types of environments. Even if the user drops their mobile device, the ruggedness of the leather casing will keep it from becoming damaged.

Leather is one of the few fashion accessories that never go out of style. Whether the person is dressed in business attire or gym clothes, they can expect the leather cell phone case to look fashionable in any situation.

Various designs
There are a variety of leather cell phone cases to choose from. Shoppers will be able to find a leather case to match the specific color and design of their cell phone. While some people may prefer the natural beauty of plain leather, others will like the cases that have designs on the exterior.

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