Practical ways to get more installs for IOS app

Apps have become an integral part of our lives today. From hotel booking to travel and from education to gaming, there’s always app for near about everything. Seeing from a smartphone users perspective, we have a lot of choices before us. Any function we want, there are already multiple of apps to choose from. All we have to do is compare and then start using an app. But things get complicated when you see things from a developers sight. buy app installs for android

Having a large number of apps in the app store might mean accessibility to us but for a developer, it is the reason why they need to work day and night to keep up with the ever increasing competition. Not only that, they have to regularly keep advertising and try out new approaches to increase people involvement and the total app installs. 

The App market

2017 was an incredible year for the app market. The App Market expanded many fold and so did the revenue. 2018 is expected to be bringing more opportunities for the developers. The number of competitors are going to increase as well as the opportunities to earn more as the market is increasing. 
Getting app installs is a tough task and an important one too. After all this is the real business. The  more the downloads, the better are your profits. Before we dive into the main topic, let us understand the scenario at the App Store. 

The Scenario 

When you submit your app in the App Store, you stand amongst a queue of around millions of apps. Each of these app developers work to make their app stand out of the crowd and to be one of the top apps in the App Store. In such a fierce environment, making profits is a really challenging task. Daily thousands of apps are moved out of the App Store due to inactivity or other causes. Therefore one needs to be active and regularly move up if they want to sustain and the only way of doing that is by increasing app installs.In this article, we will talk about the ways to get more app installs https://applytics.co/

App Quality: This is the foremost thing that needs to be ensured. You cannot people to use your product unless it’s the best. With so many competitors, you need to make sure that your app is the best product available in the market. Your app should be stable and there should be no bugs or crash issues. Not only that, your app should have all the features there is to offer in a particular segment. Work on your app design and UI, its icon and features. Keep providing updates for your app and also try introducing new features after every 2 months. This way you can keep your users interested in your app. User dissatisfaction can lead to a poor market for your app and this should be avoided at all costs. 


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Buy Android reviews Can Be Fun For Everyone app promoting?

Hi Developers. We trust that your application business is blasting and you are continually climbing the application advertise stepping stool. What’s more, for new engineers, we realize that application business is intense and you may have made sense of it at this point. All things considered, it is a billion dollar showcase which is as it should be. Applications have turned into an incorporated piece of our lives. From shopping to eating and voyaging, there are a few applications for every single thing that we do in our customary lives. Truth be told, there are around 3.5 million applications in Play Store and in excess of 2 million in the iOS App Store. Odds are there that there are 20 increasingly comparable applications for each new application you make. In such an enormous spot envision the opposition that you need to confront. The App Business  buy app store ratings

App Store Optimization — A Best Practice To Make Your App Visible.

A large portion of the application advertise business is aggregated in the top 5% of the applications which are as of now controlling the market. There are a few elements which makes an application ideal for business. The nature of application is without a doubt the most significant factor for progress however there is one more and perhaps with an a lot more noteworthy effect than the quality. Truly, advertising. Application Marketing is what separates an effective one from a typical application. When you present your application, you have to begin working in its showcasing. Be that as it may, it is fitting to begin promoting before you present your application. This gets a ton of points of interest for your item. Pre-promoting of your item guarantees you a consistent client base once your item gets propelled. The genuine work begins after that. You have to publicize your application in each social area; be it internet based life sites or blogging sites or the online business stages. A decent publicizing guarantees that your application downloads never stop and this is extremely useful, particularly for start – ups. A decent effort program can set your application separated from different contenders and will assist you with climbing up the outlines. How the application advertise functions? 

Each application recorded in the application store be it the Play Store or the iOS Store has its position. This rank decides your application’s situation in the application advertise. The better the position, the more well known your application is and the more clients you are probably going to get. The position or the situation of your application is controlled by 3 primary variables. These are: Number of application downloads Application Reviews Application Ratings A blend of these 3 variables choose your application’s situation in the application showcase buying app installs. An application with increasingly number of downloads will have a higher situation in the application store. Same goes with audits and evaluations. An application with better appraising will show up on the application with a generally lower application rating. Let us get into the evaluations until further notice. Android application audits are a proportion of your application’s quality. At the point when individuals search for an application, they see the application rating and afterward read client surveys. Application audits and evaluations likewise show your application’s situation in the application outline. The applications possessing top spot in the outline have great application surveys just as application

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Why to use English learning apps like Enguru?

In the present day, you need to be able to read, write or speak English properly. It doesn’t matter which profession you belong to.  A fine spoken English ability always comes handy. 

The knowledge of the English  language is considered important. Naturally, people try to explore ways to master the same. In recent times, certain android applications have come into surface. These applications help to improve your English. 

Here we are going to talk about one such application known as Enguru. It can be referred to as an English pronunciation app. It helps to get a proper English pronunciation through practice.

Enguru English learning app

Some reasons to consider an English learning app like Enguru.


  • Helps to understand and develop the basic English speaking skills.
  • Produces result in a very short span of time.
  • English learning apps can help you master the English language with ease.
  • Many applications are free and as such it becomes a free way to practice spoken English.



Enguru’s role in making English easier to learn.

Enguru is an android application that helps to learn and speak English in an unprecedented manner. It has some incredible features. And the design of the same is most advanced.


Important features

  • English learning course with 599 levels in grammar and vocabulary.
  • Live English classes with live English practice options.
  • Basically, there are two English learning courses. General English speaking and IELTS preparation.
  • There are different subscription plans of 1 or 5 or 10 or 15 days. After purchasing a subscription plan you can attend unlimited classes within the valid subscription period.
  • It offers a personalized English dictionary and translator.
  • Another important feature is the English practice games that help in learning faster.


The above mentioned features  make it clear that Enguru is all about speaking English properly. With the Enguru application, you can easily start speaking English fluently. This application can be best described as an English pronunciation app. There are some extraordinary plus points to this application.

    • Makes it easy and quick to learn English
    • The live sessions features top English faculties from different universities in India.
    • You can practice speaking English Live . 
    • The English practice games help a ton.



  • It is a complete application in every sense.
  • Enguru is a game changer for anyone who wants to learn English for free.


Some factors that need consideration.


  • The English courses and the live sessions can help you only if you have the desire to learn and speak better English.
  • Most importantly, you can practice speaking English Live.



Some drawbacks.


  • It takes more time to initiate on more than one occasions. Therefore, the performance becomes inconsistent.
  • It gets confusing for users and the customer support has been reported to be slow at times.



Main takeaway.

Irrespective of your profession a good understanding and skills in spoken English is very advantageous. It must be understood that spoken English skills can give you an edge over your competitors. 

There are many different ways to learn and practice English. Android applications like Enguru is a very effective approach towards the same. It included English speaking courses and live video lessons. Also English practice games and Mock interviews are included. 

Considering the advantages and the disadvantages we would recommend you this English speaking application Enguru. 

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Enguru, a comprehensive English learning experience.

A number of applications exist in the category of the English learning apps. In the modern day world, such apps have their own place in our lives. Without the knowledge of the English language you cannot communicate with people of other nations or race as in most cases English comes forward as the only mutually understandable means of communication. What’s more! Most of the websites and other digital platforms need you to be good enough at English.

As mentioned before, there are many applications that help us to learn the English language, but here we would talk about a very reasonable platform or application that serves the same purpose in a comprehensive manner.

Enguru is a English learning app. It has got some stunning features that separates it from others. Let us have a look.

Highlights of the Enguru application

  • The included English course consists: 599 level in vocabulary and grammar which is amazing by any means.
  • Also, dual activities in each level, a lesson and a comprehension. You can improve your reading or listening skills in English as well as start practicing.
  • Live English classes that helps to improve spoken English. With the Enguru app you can easily start speaking English fluently.
  • IELTS Preparation course featuring live sessions of the Cambridge qualified teachers.
  • A personal English dictionary and translator is with you when the enguru app is installed in your device.
  • New videos in English that are uploaded from time to time help you to learn and have fun like never before. The video content is generally educative or funny or it based on current news. They help in understanding the English language in a pretty decent way.
  • Also, videos that explain grammar concepts are included.
  • English conversation tests are also featured that help you to improve oroniunciation.
  • Educative vocabulary games that help you learn grammar concepts in a fun way.
  • With enguru Live English Learning app you can learn English in your mother tongue, – Learn English from Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Oriya, Assamese, Nepali, Malayalam, Burmese, Tagalog, Thai, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish and Sinhala!
  • Includes a referral program too. You can share the application to your friends and earn coins, redeem the same in some rewards. Also, you can track the performance of your friends.

Let us now look into the Pros

  • There are no disruptive ads and hence you can enjoy a smooth learning experience.
  • The live session from qualified teacher of Cambridge help to prepare well for the IELTS academic exams.
  • The application is very friendly as the user interface is very simple.
  • You can learn English from your mother tongue.
  • The app is like your personal English translator.
  • There are no issues so far and it is performing as expected.
  • You can learn English through fun games.
  • Easy to use and very effective.
  • The ability to form proper sentences improves.
  • It is overall a comprehensive Live English learning app.

Things to look for

Enguru application is the perfect tool to learn and practice English writing and speaking. It is possible to learn and practice in the same platform. English can be learned from any of the regional or local languages that are included making the process very comfortable. Overall, this is a complete English learning app of our time.

Final take

English learning apps are plenty in the market. In this modern age, a knowledgedable person in English can find a lot of opportunities to excel in any field. In order to speak the language fluently and write it properly you need a good learning and practicing platform. Enguru provides the best one for the same purpose. Features like live sessions from qualified professors, educative games, learning English from mother tongue and many more makes it more desirable. Enguru is a modern English learning app and it has many benefits associated with it.
Speaking in English properly and writing correctly takes some practice. With the enguru app, it is possible to do the same regularly. To learn and even master the English language, enguru is a platform that cannot be disregarded at all. The pros of the application outweighs all the cons. All in all, this is one of the best English learning apps.…

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Importance of ASO and its Impact On Driving Downloads to Your App

In this generation, there’s an easy solution for almost every problem. With the huge impact of technology on our lives, everything seems so easy and possible. There’s almost an online solution or an app for everything that we need in our day to day life: be it transport, shopping, food, appointments or doing our taxes. At present, there are about 4 million apps on both the Apple app store and Google Play store.

Can you believe it? Despite these huge numbers, we see only a few apps make it to the top among all the others in the search results or even in the ranking.

Wondering how few of them cracked the code and made it to the top?

Let us see what’s the mystery behind the apps that reach the top and what would it take for your app to attain the same. One potent tool used by many successful app marketing genies is ASO (App Store Optimization).

What is ASO?

App Store Optimization in simple terms refers to the process of customizing your mobile app in order to achieve visibility and to attain higher ranking on the app stores. With the help of this app marketing technique, you are entitled to have your app’s visibility more than all the other similar apps in the search results.

ASO is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A common purpose these two methods share is to increase the conversion rate. However, the difference comes in the platform of use since SEO works its magic on online content posted on the search web whereas ASO on accelerating more downloads of an app in the app stores.

What makes ASO take a lead in App Marketing?

We’ve seen what ASO is, the next step is to understand the privileges that come from its use. One main benefit is that it enables you to design your app in a way that positively drives the target users to your app.

Other uses privileges of ASO include:

  1. Encourages interaction with the target audience.
  2. Integrates varieties of marketing strategies for the app.
  3. Helps your app to draw attention.
  4. Aid in obtaining positive app reviews and ratings.


There are two types of Metadata:

On-metadata: This deals with the factors that are entirely focussed on appealing elements os an app that include: App name, description, app title, keyword, app icon, preview videos, and screenshots.

Off-metadata: This refers to elements that aren’t under the control of the developer. For example buy app reviews, buy app ratings and buy app installs.

This metadata only influences search rankings and others deal with increasing brand popularity.

Let us now see the elaboration of the factors affecting App Store Optimization.

App Title: We see a number of apps being posted to the app stores daily. It is necessary that you chose a title to remain relevant. Because it is assumed that the title picked for the app is retained forever. It should be chosen wisely. Once your app ranks higher, people remember your product by the title. Therefore, changing the app title disrupts the chain of getting the influx of organic users to your app.

Keyword: There are different approaches used by users when they perform a search on the app store. Some users know the name of your app, some of them just know an attribute related to your app such as “food delivery”, “online shopping”. You should give a lot of thought in order to come up with the optimal keyword.

Description: This field is where the information regarding your app is elaborated precisely to the user. This section is so useful and should be used appropriately by stuffing relevant information such as the main features, other features that make your app unique, purpose and benefits of the app.

Screenshots and Preview videos: These are the metadata that deals with presenting a pictorial representation of the functions that your app masters.

All these metadata should be taken care of before launching the app. And must be chosen wisely with an appropriate meaning.

Among all the other marketing strategies, ASO remains to be the favorite tool used by app developers to improve the conversion rate. This strategy is legal and doesn’t cross any Google policies and has proven to be the best method that has given more fruitful results in driving user traffic to an app.…

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App Store Optimization to Boost Your Mobile App Downloads

Smartphones are known for making our lives easier. The mobile market has been growing rapidly and so is the app market. Because a smartphone is nothing but a telephone without the apps. With the increase of usage of smartphones, we have more than a million apps in the market today. Getting a new app into the market is very challenging and most people put their budget into grand marketing and promotion where only a few of them taste success. What if I tell you that there is a simple and cost-effective marketing strategy to help your app gain huge success?

App Store Optimization is the best app marketing strategy which is cost-effective and the most efficient way to market your app.

What is App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization is similar to SEO, where SEO is done for websites and ASO for apps. This process is done to increase the discoverability of the apps in the app store by optimizing the keywords and other factors in the app store listing. The more visibility your app gains, the more downloads it gets and app store optimization company in india .

The main objective of ASO is not just to increase the download rate but there are also few supplemental goals:

  1. To Improve brand exposure
  2. Positive app Reviews and Ratings
  3. Audience engagement and Retention
  4. Organic Optimization
  5. Conversion Rate

#1 Improve Brand Exposure

The key is to make your application relevant and valuable. Brands that make sense of how to make such encounters are bound to win the popularity race. App store optimization helps to increase brand awareness which creates awareness on how natural your target group is with your app and how well they remember it. Brands with high brand mindfulness are for the most part alluded to as “trending,” “buzzworthy, or simply “famous.” Establishing brand awareness is profitable when marketing and promoting your organization and products, particularly in the beginning periods of business.

#2 Positive Reviews and Ratings

App store optimization helps in gaining a good set of reviews that help your app to have that competitive edge among all the other competitors. Reviews and ratings are like social proof for new visitors which will help them to see what other users think about your app and well your app is performing. Until your app collects enough popularity and reviews for a high ranking. It will generally have low visibility. As your app rank make progress, you can begin seeing your app improve and anticipate your performance and downloads to increase. You need a high volume of positive reviews to pick up the exposure and drive downloads.

#3 Audience engagement and Retention

User engagement refers to how active users are on your app and how often they use your app. Retention is the percentage of app’s users who come back to the app within a specified period of time of their first session. Keep a very close relationship with users by responding to their issues and by providing the required solutions. To improve the engagement and retention you need to start incentivizing the users to use your app more. Mobile-specific rewards, coupons, and other offers will do.

#4 Organic Optimization

Once your app gains a certain level of popularity with the help of ASO, it starts to run on its own. Users will know how well your app is performing and will share it with their friends and family and this helps to improve the organic growth of your app. When you’ve optimized, your app will begin ranking higher for various search results, enhancing your visibility and expanding your natural downloads, all while keeping your acquisition costs down.

#5 Conversion Rate

App store optimization is a well-known marketing strategy used by many app developers to influence users to download their app. ASO has two major levels- keyword optimization and conversion rate optimization. Keyword optimization which mostly impacts your app’s visibility and impressions and conversion rate optimization has a direct impact on your installs. There are some factors that influence the conversion rate like your app reviews and ratings, category ranking and most importantly your app’s metadata.

There are many tools available online to have the best app store optimization services for your app. You can compare your app’s performance with apps from the same category to have an idea if your app is over-or-under performing.…

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Step-by-step SharePoint 2013 database migration

SharePoint 2013 migration is not a simple endeavor. SharePoint 2013 does not support in-place upgrade for an existing environment. The only method supported for SharePoint 2013 migration is database-attach upgrade. To provide more flexibility to farm administrators and site administrators, the upgrade process has changed to separate upgrade of the software and databases from the upgrade of the sites. There’s been a lot of discussion about how to prepare and plan for a migration what it involves, what are the best practices. In this article we will look at the complete process of a SharePoint 2013 migration.

So the question is why is In-place upgrade is not supported? The answer is this is never a good idea. It’s comparable to taking your Windows XP upgrading it to Vista then upgrading it to Windows 7 and so on but never actually reinstalling from scratch. But imagine it on a larger scale, with SharePoint it’s a server that the entire organization is using to collaborate. It’s not something you want to upgrade like that. The database-attach upgrade method offers more flexibility, more control, and a better success rate. Therefore, in-place upgrade is not supported for SharePoint 2013 migration and database-attach upgrade is the only supported upgrade method.

The process of SharePoint 2013 migration begins with examining the existing SharePoint 2010 farm. Before the actual migration, you should have a clear idea of all farm solutions installed on your SharePoint 2010 servers. Do you have a plan for every custom or 3rdparty package? Do they exist in 2013 versions or do they work as is? Missing features will be reported during the upgrade and stop the SharePoint 2013 migration. Also, if you have a Sandbox solution in the farm, check them too. For those added solutions, you will want an inventory of which site collection and web site use what. This seems to be time consuming, but might save you headaches later.

Other than farm solutions, you should know which web applications will be migrated. Take particular note of their authentication methods. Any web application still in Classic mode will need to be upgraded to Claims on SharePoint 2013. Claims-based authentication is an essential component to enable the advanced functionality of SharePoint 2013 migration. To move classic-mode web applications from SharePoint 2010 Products to SharePoint 2013, you can convert them to claims-based web applications within SharePoint 2010 Products before SharePoint 2013 migration.

After deep analysis of your existing SharePoint 2010 farm installs SharePoint 2013 to a new farm. The administrator configures farm settings and tests the environment.
To copy your SharePoint 2010 content database, you can either pause 2010 farm to take a cold copy of the content database or perform a live copy. For the minimal downtime you take the second choice with the help of SQL Server’s Copy-only backup feature. That will allow you to take a live backup of your DB without interfering with your normal backup schedule.

On SharePoint 2013 farm, make a brand new web application, and just remove its content database through Central Administrator. You might also want to hook it up to an existing web application. But if you have several site collections at the same path, or in fact any web site in your web application with identical paths, conflicts will arise and some of your sites will be inaccessible. Also, if you didn’t upgrade your web applications from Claims to Classic in SharePoint 2010, you now need PowerShell to create a Classic mode web application in SharePoint 2013, as they are considered obsolete.
The next step in the SharePoint 2013 migration is restore the content database in your new SharePoint 2013 farm. This is the point where you want to install all your solutions and third party customizations. Now you can test migrated database. To test the content database, use the following PowerShell command:


Next, now you can upgrade your database. You can either run the upgrade by itself, or as you attach it to your web application. The preferred way is to attach it to your web application. But if you are thinking to just add a SharePoint 2010 content database to SharePoint 2013 through the UI, that’s not possible. Mount your database with the help of following PowerShell command:


After successfully mounting the content database, you should now be able to browse your new, migrated site. You will notice the same SharePoint 2010 look and feel. On the top of the page, there is a notice with option to upgrade your site to SharePoint 2013 UI. You can either upgrade it right now or you can do it later.

Your content is migrated, upgraded and ready to use. Throw a search crawl at it. Now you can take advantage of much improved SharePoint 2013 Search Center.

Your SharePoint 2013 migration is now complete. If there are any third party web parts or a site template solution which you think will not work well in SharePoint 2013 because of the huge change in the UI, even that content is browse-able and usable as it is now, so likely it will remain in 2010 mode.…

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The Benefits Of Buying Refurbished Electronics

Appliances, electronics and personal computers are a necessity in the modern world; it’s almost impossible to get through a day without using some form of technology. Things like computers tend to break, and when they do, they can cost a bit of money to replace. Fortunately, manufacturers that offer refurbished equipment allow consumers to buy “almost new” electronics at deep discounts.

Manufacturers and consumers both benefit from the sales of refurbished electronics. For the manufacturer, refurbished items allow them to get rid of extra equipment and previously returned items. When a consumer buys refurbished electronics, they get the following benefits:

Price Discounts

Refurbished items sell at a discount, and they usually don’t have very many cosmetic defects. When a consumer chooses to buy a refurbished item, they can save as much as 80 percent off of the item’s retail price.

Refurbished items are a little more expensive than reconditioned items. When a person buys a reconditioned item, it doesn’t come with a warranty or guarantee of service, so they might end up buying something that they need to repair themselves. When you buy something that is refurbished, it comes with a good warranty that guarantees that it will work just as well as a new item.

Less Waste

The explosion in popularity of electronics has led to an overabundance of unused equipment over the last couple of years. People don’t know what to do with their old equipment, so they just throw it out in the trash. Landfills are overflowing with electronics that contain harmful chemicals like cadmium and mercury.

When organisations and consumers buy things like used Mac computers, they take a big step towards saving the environment. Refurbishing electronics extends its lifespan and prevents waste; a good refurbished computer can be used by an appreciative organisation or a needy family instead of being thrown out into the trash

Great Warranties

Manufacturers know that consumers are wary of refurbished items, so they often try to entice the consumer with a better warranty than their new equipment. When you buy a refurbished piece, you know that it’s going to work well; if it doesn’t, you can take advantage of the manufacturer’s generous warranty.

Refurbished items are great for both the consumer and the manufacturer. If you are looking to replace electronic equipment, refurbished items come with many benefits; they save you money, have good warranties and they help save the environment.

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Accessories For Mobile Devices

Consumer electronics can be quite expensive and that is why it’s important to take good care of smartphones, tablets and computers. Repairing some of the best digital devices and gadgets could be out of the budget of the average person. Fortunately, there are ways to keep precious electronics working thanks to replacement parts and other accessories. The most popular smartphones operate on different batteries. There aren’t any battery packs that are compatible with smartphones from different brands. Therefore, consumers need to search for very specific replacement products for digital devices.

By the same concept, charging adapters are also designed to work with specific smartphones and mobile phones. The number of pins on the interface of a charger or data cable varies with each brand. However, the end connection of certain data cables have universal receptacles that are made to be plugged into USB ports.

An audio cable is one of the few universal accessories for smartphones, mobile phones and MP3 players. A standard 3.5 mm audio jack is found on a lot of different digital devices that are made by various brands. Headphones and ear buds can also be connected into the standard audio output jack of a mobile phone.

Computers are also powered by battery packs that come with distinct specifications such as the current and charge storage material. A hyper juice mac book battery is an example of an accessory for a popular laptop computer. Consumers should be aware of compatibility issues when shopping for powerful supplies for computer hardware.…

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Need iPhone Software Development ??

Historically, Software build has often referred either to the process of converting source code files into standalone software artifact(s) that can be run on a computer, or the result of doing so.

However, this is not the case with technologies such as Perl, Ruby or Python which are examples of interpreted language. Therefore, it is better to define build management as the facilitation of the build process.

The process of building a computer program is usually managed by a build tool, a program that coordinates and controls other programs. In these case you can trust MobiDev.

MobiDev is iphone software development company which is grown from a small group of passionate engineers and business managers to a full-scale mobile software company specializing in world-class mobile and web development.

MobiDev incremental development approach and various methodologies including Scrum and Kanban. New technologies and opportunities on the mobile market are constantly being tracked and explored.…

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